Wednesday, 13 March 2013


         Often Our Computers Get Infected By Viruses From Pendrive, So Here Is A Simple Trick Which Can Help Us Analyse Our Pendrives Manually For Viruses And Delete Them Without Affecting The System.
Just Follow The Simple Steps:

1. Connect Your Pendrive And Do Not Open It By Using Autorun.

2. Open Run And Type Cmd And Press Enter.

3. In The Command Prompt, Type The Drive Letter Of Your Pendrive(You Can Check It From My Computer) And Then Press Enter.

4. Type dir/w/o/a/p And Press Enter.
It Will Display List Of Files.

5. Now In That List Search For Virus Files Like:


New Folder.exe







any other files with .exe Extension . *

6. If It Contains Any Of The Files Above File Then Type attrib -h -r -s -a *.* And Press Enter.

7. Delete Each Of That File Using Delete Command
del filename (For exaple: del autorun.inf )

Its Done!

NOTE: It Is Recommended To Scan The Pendrive With A Good Antivirus As The Above Trick Can Help Us Find Only Common Viruses.



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