Saturday, 11 May 2013


Hello Guys,
              As we all know google is the Worlds number 1 search engine that provide information related to almost all our queries. Today Google has become a part of our day 2day activity, but many user are still unaware of the Funny Tricks it provides.
So here are some funny and amazing tricks that you can use with google and share it with your friends as all tricks are simple to implement and interesting to see effect on google.

Note try to use these tricks with  "I'm Feeling lucky Button"

1  Google Gravity

With this cool trick the entire google page will lose it's gravity as shown in figure and you get to play with it.

2  elgooG

elgooG (Google spelled backwards) is the literal mirror image of the Google search engine; not only is all of its content a reversal of Google, the search terms must also be written in reverse in order to yield the desired results.

To do the above trick click on link elgooG above or just typing the elgoog in thrsearch engine with the "I'm Feeling lucky Button"

3 Pacman on Google

You can play pacman game on google  as well as control it with your keyboard . To play pacman game click
 on the pacman on google above or text pacman google in google search box

4  Tilt

This will tilt the google screen as shown in the below figure

5  Epic Google

It will increase the size of google each component bigger and bigger .Open,type Epic Google in the search box and click on the I'm feeling Lucky button.

6  Weenie Google

This work opposite to epic Google .It decrease the size of each component smaller and smaller..Open, type Weenie Google in the search box and click on the I'm feeling Lucky button

7 Rainbow Google

A Rainbow Search Engine in all the shimmering colors of spectrum - Embrace the Power of the Rainbow. Rainbow Search is not affiliated with Google™.

8 Disappearing oo In Google

This trick can be used to show magic to others by disappearing oo from google. To do so, click on the above link, the google search engine will appear on Your screen. Wait For 3 sec, oo will diaappear

9 Let Me Google That For You

It wil trace what you search on google and help to share it with your friends.
This site creates an animation showing how to google a particular keyword.

10 Dancing Google Logo

Now you can see Google Logo dancing on your PC. First go to and in box type google loco, then click on "I'm feeling Lucky" button or just click on the above link .

11 Put Your Name On Google Logo

Goglogo allows you to create Google Style search engine for yourself. Its a free Google Logo Creator - great for fun!

12 Google In Black

Blackle is a website powered by Google Custom Search and created by Heap Media, which aims to save energy by displaying a black background and using grayish-white font color for search results.

13 Google Moon

  Google Moon is a service similar to Google Maps that shows satellite images of the Moon. It was launched by Google on July 20, 2009, the 36th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. The landing site of each of the Apollo missions is shown on the satellite image, providing more information on each mission as the user zooms in.

14 Annoying Google

Search with this like as you do in Google . Make your search funny by changing some letters into capital or some into small letters

15 Google Pirate

It simply make use of google Custom Search To restrict your search to Torrent Files

16 Google Barrel Roll

It will Roll your screen by 360 degree and then display the content.

17 Google MentalPlex

It is one of the best April fool trick. Use it to fool your friends. This trick will divert them from their original search making them to concentrate on the instruction.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Hello Guys,
          If you suspect your computer is infected by a virus (or any other malware), then follow the steps given below. If you suspect your problem is due to registry errors, get a good registry cleaner and PC optimizer from Intel Directory.
The procedure given below works for most malware (except for completely new, unknown or unusually malignant strains). It is better to complete all steps, so you can be sure that all traces have been eradicated.

Signs To Look Out For (Infections May Cause One Or Several Of The Following):

  • Slow computer, and/or slow internet connection.
  • Strange pop-ups or web browser redirections (beyond those expected from dodgy websites).
  • Program failure, or inexplicable errors (even after a fresh install).
  • System functions unavailable (eg: Control Panel, Task Manager, Internet Explorer).
  • System giving a "RPC error", giving a window with a 30 second countdown to a restart.
  • Excessive internet cap usage, i.e high internet traffic on your computer.


Step1. Run your virus-scanner, but beware, many modern viruses can circumvent (or hide from) anti-virus programs. Quarantine anything suspicious.

Step2. Make sure you are using a reputable antivirus. Some good free ones are Avira AntiVir, AVG, and Avast! NOD32 from Eset has the highest detection rate and lowest resource consumption, though it is not free.

Step3. In the event no viruses were found and your issue virus issue is still present follow these next steps.

Step4. Install Malware-bytes and update it, Don't scan for malware yet. Malware-bytes can be downloaded from here:

Step5. Other suggested scanners to run are “Spybot Search and Destroy” and “Superantispyware”.

Step6. Depending on the Virus you might not be able to install any software or do updates, if this is the case skip to step 7 otherwise continue to step 6.

Step7. Reboot into “Safe Mode” - Restart your computer and press F8 before Windows loads. Press F8 several times if you need to. Select “Safe Mode” from the resulting menu. Safe Mode disables much of the start-up routine (Continue to step 9).

Step8. Reboot into "Safe Mode with Networking" - Restart your computer and press F8 before Windows loads. Press F8 several times if you need to. Select “Safe Mode with Networking” from the resulting menu. Safe Mode with Networking disables much of the start-up routine but allows the use of basic web browsing, allowing you to access to download and update Malware-bytes, Make sure you select full scan option instead of quick scan.

Step9. Once in safe mode with networking download malware-bytes from their website, install it and update it.

Step10. Run your Malware Scanners - Run both the scanners sequentially, deleting any references found. CAUTION!! When deleting infected files make sure you are not removing important files you require, E.g. Microsoft Outlook uses “.pst files” for your email, and often some emails within this “.pst file” are infected. Virus scanners will delete your complete “.pst file” so your entire email Inbox NOT just a single email!!

Extreme Cases – “Safe Modes” Are Not Accessible

Step1. Have a boot disk. In these cases some anti-virus manufactures like Norton, AVG, Kaspersky and GData provide “Boot Discs”. These boot discs can generally be downloaded from their websites with all the latest updates included, so if possible download one of these boot discs and burn it to CD.

Step2. Reboot with disks. Once you have your Disc you want to reboot your computer/laptop and boot from CD. Many different branded computers/laptops have slightly different ways of booting from disc in most cases Esc, F9, F10 or F11 are used on start-up to access the menu option allowing you to select to boot from your CD/DVD Drive(it is suggested researching on the internet your device and which hotkey to use).

Step3. Scan by boot disk. When you have booted to disc run the virus scan from the CD. Remove and references found but be cautious in the files you delete as some files might be flagged that are a part of your email inbox.

Step4. Boot into your hard drive. Finally once these viruses are removed via using the boot disc, it is recommended to begin from step 7 again to continue further scans.

Step5. Consider asking professionals help. Very Extreme Cases – If you are at this point it is recommended seeking advice from professional.

Step6. Consider removing HDD. Final step if Norton, AVG, Kaspersky Boot Disc do not work. Remove your HDD/SSD from your Laptop /Computer.

Step7. Plug it into another PC that already has Malware-bytes installed, do not browse the HDD when you plug it in. Right Click and select "scan with Malware-bytes"(This is assuming the HDD auto-detects).

Step8. Learn how to plug HDD into another computer. If you have got to the stage where you have removed your HDD but are not sure how to plug it in the most simple and safe way I will recommend is purchasing a 2.5” or 3.5” external HDD enclosure and temporarily placing your drive in there so you can perform scans on the drive.

Step9. When scans are complete and viruses are removed, back up your data! Once you have complete your back up place the drive back into your computer/ laptop, start up the computer and see if the virus has been removed.